Songwriting, Colaborations and Ghost



How do I write music ?

It usually comes to me as a succession of notes or chord progressions. I do not start out with form or structure. I start by trying to nurture the small musical embryo and build slowly. A song is really a manifestation of your subconscious and It`s not always clear in what direction it will take you. I always start with the music and an emotion of some sort. Much later, sometimes years later, I will add the actual words to the music.

Even though I like rythmes, sounds and technical skills I write melodic music. I will write folk music and heavy metal the same way, It´s just the arrangements that differ.

A tipp

If you yourself are just starting out writing music you should know that there is no such thing as a natural songwriter. I have been writing songs for twenty years and my first songs where horrible. My advise is to just write, play and have fun, it will all work out. Writing music is therapy and it does not matter if other people like it and listen to it. You are who you are and your songs is a part of you. There is no such thing as a bad song, as long as you are happy with it.


If you are an artist looking for musical collaborations I am very interested. It is always fun and creative to write together . Please contact me and we will work something out.


Some record companies and artists have a hard time finding the music they need for their projects. For whatever reasons they don`t want the composers name to appear on the album. I do write “ghost” songs and if you are interested in this you can contact me aswell.   










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OH one more thing. On Reverbnation they asked me to name who I sound like. It was one of thouse things where you couldent really refuse to give a name so I wrote, without thinkting, my two biggest idols of all time Tom Petty and Paul Simon. In case of a mirracle and one of them actually reading this let me just say "I`m SORRY". I do not in any way think that I sound like them but ofcourse I would be delighted if I did. What I meant was only that I wish that I one day may write something as good as "A Poem on the Underground wall" or "A Change of Heart".


Again guys. I`m sorry.


I am however very interesed in who I do sound like. Please write in the comment field to the left and tell me who i most resemble.


Thank you.




Daniel Hedberg