Envisas med att tänka



Envisas med att tänka was a lifelong dream of mine. At the time I was active in the young socialist movement in Sweden and had high hopes for freedom and prosperity for all – even though my plan for achieving this was somewhat limited.
You Tube Clip of "Vi skapar Socialismen"

At the time I was 18-19 and attended High School with a musical mayor. One of the teachers, Christer Larsson, had a studio that I rented. Two days of recording produced this album.

My most precious memory from this recording was that I the night before recording wrote Förtvivlan. I wrote the song to a girl in the organization I belonged to, who had abusive parents and drug problems at the young age of 13. I sincerely hope she is well today.

At the time I played in a band called Ormgrop. One of my friends Daniel Heden cowrote Älska, Älska (porrlåt i tre takt).

This album was recorded in just two day, yet it has sold over a thousand units and is still going. I am deeply proud of it and thankful for everyone who contributed to it.











1. Arbetslösa Andersson (2,38)


2. Fattiga hjältar (2,59)


3. Fri (3,26)


4. Förtvivlan  (2,34)


5. Ideologi & Religon (2,59)


6. Nya tider (2,25)


7. Vi skapar socialismen (4,25)


8. Vän med stjärnorna (3,20)


9. Ådalen 1931 (3,55)


10. Våra roller (2,12)


11. Älska, älska (porrlåt i tretakt) 



12. Kråksång (mono) (4,09)


Released in 1997/1998


Thanks to Christer Larsson for playing the flute


All rights reserved. All music and lyrics on this album is written by Daniel Hedberg. Rights to Älska, Älska (porrlåt i tretakt) is shared with Daniel Heden.


Envisas med att tänkla