Who am I ?



We started out early my brother Mikael and me. Our dad, Peter, tried to teach us some basic guitar. Needless to say, we pretty much sucked at music, but at least we started early.

We moved from my hometown, Kalmar, to Lund in 1986. The very first day of school, I met one of my closest friends, Magnus Persson, who has since contributed to most of my albums. Together we started several rock `n roll bands and we did a lot of shows at our school. If I remember correctly we had; The Gnats, A Spaceman Called Urban, and The Mini Mjölks.

I had the honor of participating in the choir Cantarellerna where I sang Soprano. Cantarellerna is the children’s choir for the Cathedral in Lund under management of the brilliant conductor Eva Bohlin. I did this for many years and loved every minute of it.

Me and Magnus eventually went our separate ways and I started a number of not so great bands. One of them was called Nasty Habit where I had the honor of playing with Helena Josefsson, Oskar Dahlgren, and Martin Noren. We made a pretty sweet demo and when I find it I will post it on the website.

I played in a number of bands and explored several styles including; pop, blues, folk, and metal. Most of the bands didn’t last long and even their names has since been forgotten. One of the bands I do remember is the quirky, folk-progressive, Ormgrop.

Eventually I started playing as a singer/songwriter for the young socialist movement and toured with the album Envisas med att tänka.

Many years later I reunited with my friend Magnus Persson and we started a coverband called Two for the Show (which still exists today with Magnus and my successor Rickard). We played a lot of pubs, parties, weddings. Basically anywhere people wanted to have a good time. When I moved to Gothenburg, sadly I had to give up the band.

I should mention that I don`t think that I would ever have learned to play and write music if it weren’t for a number of people. My brother, Mikael, is in my mind a musical genius. The man understands music in a way I never have. He is a great piano player and a good guitarist. Somehow we always seem to be talking about music or just singing and playing, it`s a very creative way to hang out.

Magnus Persson and I have followed each other for about 25 years now and he`s amazing guitar playing and musical understanding has kept me jealous and pushed me to develop my own skills. If you are looking for a studio musician I strongly recommend you to call him. He Is super cool.

I have had great teachers Eva Bohlin, Göran Söderberg, Peter Bohlin, Sverker Sadig, and many more. I have always been supported by my mother, Helena, and my father, Peter, who are in their own way very creative people.
















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