All Before 9 AM



After recording two albums entirely in Swedish and one cover album in English, I felt that it was time to record an album in English of my own material. I have no political agenda on this album but it is a mosaic of love songs written over ten years and songs about my own place in the universe.

The album is entirely recored at home and because of this the music is not really recorded professionally. The title comes from the fact that almost all of the tracks on this album was recorded before 9 a.m. This is because I had a one-hour window to record every day between the time my wife had left for work, until I also had to leave for work.

All We Can Be is originally and idea that my brother Mikael Hedberg wrote that we fooled around with over a couple of hours and ended up with a warm song with a classical feel to it. Great stuff.











1. Lett Me tell you (4,09)


2. I have loved a Lifetime (4,32)


3. Left Or Right (3,41)


4. I Belive in Love (3,18)


5. Like A Child (3,04)


6. Never to Reply (3,21)


7. All We Can Be (2,42)


Released in 2010


Many thanks to:


Magnus Persson  Gutiar

Mikael Hedberg Vocals, Guitar, Composing and mastering.


Daniel Hedberg Guitar, Vocals, Elecrical Drums, Bas, Piano and everyhing else you hear on the album.


All rights reserved. All music and lyrics on this album is written by Daniel Hedberg. Rights to All we Can Be is shared with Mikael Hedberg.


All Before 9 Am