This is so far my only professionally studio recorded album, with a record label and backing of studio musicians and friends. The album is really an extension of Envisas med att tänka and some of the songs return in new shapes. Many of theses songs became hits within the socialist movement but most radicals felt that I wrote to many love songs and songs about life in general. It was played to some degree on local radio and the music video that we recorded for Porrlåt 2 was shown on some local TV stations.

Watch the music video: Porrlåt 2 (Made by Renegade Orchestra) on Youtube

My most precious memory of this album, besides working with some good friends was that one of my inspirations of the time Mikael Wiehe called me one morning to congratulate me on the album. Since I was still tired and heard the name Mikael, I wrongly assumed that it was my brother calling and asked if he could call med back later. He couldn't, but we had a nice conversation.

Sadly I had for a year or so been severely ill and I was still very handicapped and couldn't pursue a tour and proper marketing for the album. Since I felt bad for the record company I don`t get paid anything for downloads and streams. If you want me to make money out of it you should order it through the store on this page, otherwise the company get all the money.

It`s ok either way, they are nice guys.











1. Jag lovar (2,54)


2. Pampvälde (2,30)


3. Norrlåt (3,29)


4. Arbetslösa Andersson (3,28)


5. Zigenar Agnes (2,29)


6. Ådalen 1931 (4,01)


7. Krigssång (3,35)


8. Vän med Stjärnorna (4,33)


9. Döden (3,11)


10. Levande sekunder (3,07)


11. Porrlåt 2 (2,28)


Recorded 2000

FFR Company, Wonderland Studios

Produced by: Christer Larsson


Many thanks to:


Helena Josefsson - Vocals

Mårten Dahl - Electric Base

Filip Runesson - Strings

Christer Larsson - Drums and Xylophone

Peo Nilsson - Hammondorgel

Fredrik Larsson - Drums

Martin Schain - Drums


All rights reserved. All music and lyrics on this album is written by Daniel Hedberg.