Bring Out the Banners



From my time within the labour movement I had learned that there was a great treasure in Swedish labour songs written over the last hundred and fifty years or so. My interest stretched to other countries and other Labour organizations and I wanted to know explore what songs they were singing.

In my research I found many great songs and arrangements. Some of the songs that I record where locked because of rights issues, so on the internet I have only released songs that I know are in teh public domain. Originally I made versions of John Warner’s Bring Out the Banners and Woody Guthrie’s You Gotta go Down and Join the Union as well, but I have not been able to determine if they are within my right to publish, so I have left them out.

I recorded this album to remind people in all countries that there are musical treasures to be found and to contribute to our collective memory of what the labour movement have been doing all these years.










1. The Internationale (3,59)

Eugune Pottier, Pierre Degeyter


2. Dump the Bosses of Your Back (2,23). John Brill


3. Solidarity Forever (2,37)

Ralph Chaplin, Julia Ward Howe


4. Bandiero Rossa (2,07)

Unknown Origin. Was written during the Spanish civilwar


5. The Red Flag (3,03)

James O`Connel


6. When the Revolution Comes (1,42)

Unknown Origin. North American


7. Workers of the World (1,54)

James O`Connel


8. Hallelujah I`m a Bum (2,06)

Unknown Origin. First written version by Harry Mc Clintock


Released in 2003/2004


Thanks to

Magnus Persson - Harmonica, Vocals and songenginering

Mikael Hedberg - Mastering and Photoediting



All rights reserved. None of the music on this album is written by Daniel Hedberg and the known creators have been listen under theri respective songs.


Bring Out the Banners